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“We offer free technical support to anyone with axial fans that are in service on Cooling towers (CT), Air Cooled Condensers (ACC’s) or Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE’s). ACHE’s are more commonly referred to as Fin Fans.

Cooling efficiency gains pay dividends. Read the AltaGas Case study in the Case Study section where BC Hydro awarded a substantial energy credit due to a fan upgrade project managed by the

Knowing the right blade pitch and speed to run an axial fan is imperative. We can help. Read the Technical paper in the Technical Paper section that was published globally in 2006 in Hydro Carbon Magazine. This is the best way to start to increase your axial fan knowledge and see how we can help you increase your cooling system efficiencies.



When belt driven axial fans rotate backwards they break belts, create downtime and injure staff. Wind milling fans are un-safe for workers who have to try and stop the fans with a broom handle, 2 x 4 or whatever means they have to stop the fan. View the YouTube video below to see why fans rotate backwards.

Our innovative Patented Anti-Rotation Devices (ARD) will field retrofit onto any fan pulley combination without any equipment modifications. See the installation video under the YouTube tab at the top of this page. This video shows you how easy our DG-II will fit to any possible situation at your plant.